Youth Ninja Warrior 

Competition Team



Just wanted to touch base on the upcoming Youth Ninja Warrior Competition Team. If you are interested in more information, please let me know. Some things to consider:


1. Practices will begin in October and we hope to begin traveling fairly locally for competitions in November/December time frame. We are looking for parent input on practice days of the week. 


2. Students must be on at least a 3-month membership and commit to the season (October through February).


3. Students must attend at least 1 practice per week. We will schedule a few each week.


4. Practices will be at Base Camp in October and November, but may be held at our new gym in Freehold (Shore Ninja Academy) when it opens hopefully in December. You would be able to attend either for practices. 


5. We will be building each student's video catalogue and resume for possible applications to the kids American Ninja Warrior show (if they are interested in trying out).


6. The only additional costs would be the costs associated with travel expenses, shirts, marketing etc... so minimal. We don't want to make this a burdensome/expensive activity. There are already plenty of those around.


7. Most importantly, we are building an inclusive, supportive team with the primary goal of giving the kids a positive competitive opportunity. In short, compete, but be supportive and a good sport. 


Please talk with your kids to gauge their interest in the team. It will be great fun for sure, but also a lot of hard work. My approach will be much different than a regular kids class. This is for kids that are serious about becoming the best Ninja Warriors they can and are willing to practice hard and put in the work during strength training workouts. A good litmus is that if they complain consistently about the push ups and squats we do in the warm up sessions, this isn't for them. We want this to be a good experience for them, so please talk with them about what to expect before they commit to the team. Thank you in advance and please reply with interest and/or questions.